Mallika Monroe?

Saw that? Yes? Fantasized about Marilyn Monroe singing Happy Birthday, Mr. PresidentBlogreader? Fuzzy feeling right?

Now, see this:

I was almost expecting her to say Narender bhai, but she checked herself and went for Narender ji.

Smart, progressive and very often misunderstood like me.

Modi has a great chance of winning Mallika’s hand if he enters into this swayamvar. Move over Madhu Kishwar and her troop of Modi fangirls.

Kya? Nahi!

And Uma Bharti.

Ruk jaa Mallika!

And, of course, Sushma Swaraj. (Though Modiji and she aren’t exactly on talking terms now.)

Can you dance like this, Mallika?

Your argument is invalid, Sushi baby. HISSSSS!



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