Codename: SulphurSufferSafar

The Haryana Akhil Khap Panchayat Dal has agreed to sponsor a mission to Venus (Shukrayaan) if it takes away all jeans-wearing girls to the hottest planet  in the Solar System. (No, that’s not Mercury, even though it’s closer to the sun.)

Because men are from Mars, and jeans-wearing girls deserve to burn in sulphur fumes. See for yourself their depravity.

Zalzale Me Dubki Maaro.

In a rear public display of decency (PDC), the opinion of the aforementioned girls was sought. They agreed to embark on this voyage on the condition that dish-from-China-that-causes-hormonal-hijinks is served on board. The Khap Dal declined their obnoxious demand and has decided to use stuff that it knows will work: laathis.

Not these laathis. Women have touched them. Women shouldn’t touch sticks. Oh wait.

The mission will be codenamed SulphurSufferSafar. Safalta is hoped for, and an image of Asaram Bapu will be emblazoned on the shuttle for good luck. ISRO representatives declined comment, as they are busy calculating how many rang mashaals can be bought with Rs. 6000 crores.

[Don’t ask me how it is a codename if we all know the code.]

[Images courtesy: and]


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